Motion Design Education Summit 2019 (MODE)

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Thu 30 May - Sat 1 Jun 2019


Motion Design Education Summit

Motion Design is about action, energy, light, and movement intertwined with message and meaning. It includes the push and pulls of forces, whether they are recorded with a video camera or objects created on the screen with complex software. Gravity, speed, and velocity, simulate elements in an interplay of movement. Interfaces, interactive systems, narratives and messaging all incorporate exchanges of dynamic and well-planned interplay.

Motion Design is a shifting and evolving sphere—it encompasses a broad range of related fields: human-computer interaction, design, journalism, film, television, dance, and theater. Our central theme for 2019 is (inter)play, the way in which two or more things have an effect on each other. Join us for 3 days of activities and presentations.

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Tue 15 Jan - Wed 1 May 2019


We invite you to submit to the second biennial MODE Fest for students and emerging designers. We celebrate the rising generation of motion designers who are creating some of the most interesting, imaginative, and well-crafted work today. MODE Fest has been created to recognize that work. If you are a current student or new to motion design, you are invited to submit your work in one of 10 categories listed below. This is your time to shine, what better motivation to enter your best work or make something new for a chance to win one of ten awards!

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Thu 30 May - Sat 1 Jun 2019


Essentials & Amenities Sponsor

We invite you to be a sponsor for MODE 2019. Founded in 2013, we encourage, share, and help shape motion design by providing a platform for research and pedagogy to be explored and celebrated. As an independent group of academic collaborators, we do not have membership fees to help offset conference costs. In order to make the registration fees less burdensome on our attendees, and to make the conference experience as fulfilling and engaging as possible, we need help from industry leaders, like you.

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